Direct Air Capture Prototype | Direct Air Capture Prototype to Restore the Climate by Reducing Atmospheric CO2

We provide CO2 gas
to industrial users
by employing an extraordinary
Direct Air Capture process

We are a new entrant in the emerging field of Negative Emission Technology (NET)
and Direct Air Capture (DAC).

Our vision is to scale our technology 100x to go after larger industrial markets.

DAC City is a Silicon Valley company focused on bringing carbon dioxide (CO2) Direct Air Capture technology to the myriad of industrial CO2 gas users around the world.

We merge an extraordinary surface chemistry science with a unique machine design to create a novel approach to removing CO2 from the air for industrial use.

Founded by a team of seasoned technology firm pioneers, DAC City believes that the most effective methods of Direct Air Capture haven’t been discovered yet, and our mission is to accelerate their development and deployment at scale.

Our team comes from mechanical and electrical engineering, process control and data science, and surface engineering, including surface chemistry and modeling.

Our mission is to be the first company to ship a Direct Air Capture machine to service the CO2 to greenhouse market

We have active projects in carbon dioxide enrichment and capture.

CO2 captured from our shipping container sized machine will be used for making methanol fuels and sequestering CO2 into concrete.

Our core technology is built on decades of deployment of highly porous carbon composite ceramic monoliths, utilizing a proprietary method of surface activation, and formation and control of pore geometry, enhancing the adsorption, desorption, working capacity, and energetics of carbon dioxide capture.

Our data science team is integrating machine learning into measurement and verification of carbon dioxide sorption, for assured “for value” transactions in emerging carbon market adoption of negative emission technology.

DAC City Has New Patent Approved, April 2021

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San Jose State University's department of Chemical Engineering is partnering with DAC City, March 2021

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